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Fibre Naturelle photography & website

Developing Fibre Naturelle photography

An old friend of mine contacted me about helping him to develop his companies photographic style and marketing in general. The company is called Fibre Naturelle who wholesale exciting textiles for interior designer's worldwide. They regularly have new product ranges which require effective marketing images.
Ideally these marketing images would be taken on locations with the fabrics being shown being used. The challenge of this project is to find new & interesting ways to photograph their products within budget.This is an ongoing relationship and the style will be developed as their marketing develops further.

Cost effective product thumbnails

Part of the Fibre Naturelle photography regular need is for thumbnail images of their new fabrics. We have developed a way of carrying out this work in a cost effective manner. The images are shot, processed and supplied to them in the size & formats needed for adding directly to their website. When shooting these I concentrate on trying to capture the fabrics texture and qualities in a fast way.
Fibre Naturelle Home Page

New website development

I have also helped them to develop a new website working alongside their team to construct the site which has all the capabilities they required. The site was to include a lot of data, I integrated a way of being able to add products directly to the site via a spreadsheet import.
Fibre Naturelle product order
fibre naturelle retailers

Ordering samples

Local retailer map

Using an online shopping cart we have given both trade (zero cost) and retail (negligible payment via Paypal) customers the ability to order samples directly from the site for any of their 1000+ fabrics.
Another requirement was for a map for customers to find their local retailers. Again we managed to use spreadsheets to add the hundreds of shops with locations and contact details.
You can take a look at the Fibre Naturelle photography & website on this link;

Thank you for all your endeavours for this magnificent site. I always knew and trusted your ability from the start. I am glad I followed my instincts. To say how delighted I am with it is an understatement.

Well done and thank you...Mark Argeband - Managing Director