ornamentum designs viper engine table image

Ornamentum Designs photography

Here are some details about Ornamentum Designs photography, website & flyer design I have just completed. They produce bespoke furniture by recycling racing engines and parts.

Ornamentum Designs Photography

I was impressed by the attention to detail they put into their products, they seem ideal for recycling much loved engines of racers and petrol heads. I tried to create interesting images which could be used for a multitude of purposes which showed the attention to detail they use in the creation of their pieces.
This involved photographing various items of different sizes, from big heavy tables made from V10 race engines, table lamps made from camshafts and flywheels to picture frames from pistons.

Responsive Wordpress Website

I have also quickly made them a simple image led responsive, retina website using wordpress. This didn't take long at all and was completed in 8 hours of work. There will be further developments as the business gets more established, they are thinking of adding an online shop for smaller gift items, like the pictures frames and table lamps.
Ornamentum Designs photography website

A5 Flyer Design & Print

One final thing they wanted me to do with the images they had taken was to design them a A5 trifold flyer and arrange digital printing of it for an exhibition they were going to. Here is the design I came up with.
The printing was arranged through Pete at the The Digital Press in Bournemouth.
Ornamentum Designs photography flyer
Ornamentum Designs photography flyer
A huge thank you to Mark for all the help and guidance he has given us on the development and progress of a new business. The spectacular photo’s he shot gave us the ability to showcase the items in the most professional way possible. They never fail to get a ‘wow’ when seen. Without these images and his flexible, professional approach we would not have the website and printed material developed to such a stunning finish. He is never phased by any changes or questions we have come up with and always gives such meticulous attention to detail.Debra France ~ Director