Magic hour shot of the river stour

Photographing in the golden hour

River Stour in the Golden hour

Moved into a new flat in Wimborne recently. It has a lovely view of the River Stour. I couldn’t resist getting out in the golden hour to take these shots.
The golden hour, sometimes known as the magic hour, is when the sun is near the horizon reducing the intensity of the light. It isn’t really an hour you get, the term is more figurative. Technically it is when light has to travel through more of the atmosphere making more blue light scatter, this has the effect of making the sunlight look more red. It also reduces the lighting ratio providing less contrast and the need for additional fill lighting.
Both shots were taken at around 7 o'clock, the misty one in the morning and the sunset in the evening.

Available in Getty Photo Library

I’ve put both of these images into the Getty photo library were they are available for use. Click the images above to be taken to the images on the Getty site.