specialised tea photography

Photography for Zacely specialised tea company

corporate portrait
business team photo
business portrait

Photography for Zacely

I have just been shooting a range of portraits & tea photography for Zacely, the specialised tea company. We started the day doing a set of portrait photographs of the directors and moved on to photographing the tea products.

The portraits were needed for various purposes, from printed media to social websites use, so I delivered 4 different colour options for each image to give them some different looks.

instant tea drink photo

Specialised Tea Photography

Various kinds of images were required from simple packshots to more complex shots showing the stages of brewing the different products. The shot above shows the various stages of making a jug of Oolong ice tea. A few attempts at capturing the tea bag dropping into the boiling water later and we where happy with the results. My acrylic ice cubes came in very handy, for once.

We also needed to show a new cold brew tea which is brewed in a bottle of water and capture the fact that it gets shaken to brew.

After a few hours of cutting-out and retouching the images we were pleased with the results.

mixing cold tea
tea product photo
instant tea drink