room set photography for Dayex

Room set & product photography for Dayex

I have recently completed what was a very involved job of photography for Dayex, the care home furniture supplier. They required all of their products photographing on white backgrounds in few angles. These ranged from wardrobes, chests and chairs to fabrics for curtains, bedspreads and curtains.

Photography for Dayex

As they had so much product to photograph it took a bit of organising with the deliveries coming from various sources. I managed to short term rent another unit very close to mine and we filled it with the products.

Product photography

As they had hundreds of products consistency and speed was the task on this job. Dayex are a new company so costs needed to be kept under control. As the product images were all going to be cut-out there was no problems marking the backgrounds for angles to keep everything consistent.

Room set photography

Dayex supply various different levels of packages to care homes around the UK, so required room set images to show these packages. I constructed the set in my studio and we used the rest of the day trying some different possible angles.
The next 3 days were spent shifting items in and out of the set photographing the different packages. In the end we managed to get 55 different packages done in 3 days of photography.

Processing & retouching

As the images were all taken over several weeks, web galleries were made after each days shoot to aid working out what products still had to be done or arranged for delivery.
Then came the mammoth task of retouching hundreds of images, from simple cut-outs of the products to more complex jobs on the room set photography. The cut-out product images were also supplied composited together into various packages.
I use a high spec Apple Mac Pro for all my outputting and retouching and the latest software. Retouching the room set involved the creation of massive files with multiple layers, having 64GB of RAM & solid state discs in my machine helped.
On completion of all images they were finally supplied in sizes, along with web ready versions. Having the fibre broadband helped with getting the files around which were also supplied on a clients hard drive.

Results & happy client

After a couple of months of work in total, everything was done and just in time for the new tenant who was moving into the storage unit I had arranged.
You can take a look at some more of the photography and the Dayex products on their website.

"We used Mark to reshoot our entire catalogue including individual product items and room set photography. Mark is a perfectionist who ensured no shortcuts were taken and was able to produce results that we were very pleased with."

Steve Nixon - Sales & Marketing Manager