Speaker Product Photography

Speaker Photography for Void Acoustics

I was contacted by an old friend, from my DJ days, Rog Mogale. About doing speaker photography for his company, Void Acoustics. This product photography, above all, was to be used for a new website.
Void Acoustics is a world-renowned supplier of P.A. speakers to venues, both large and small. They are sought out for being acoustically excellent and aesthetically pleasing.
This work was carried out during the lockdown period in 2020, which bought its own challenges. Virtual briefings with both Rog, in Gran Canaria, and the web designers, in Guernsey, helped to establish the direction and requirements. Working closely with the marketing director, Amy Harvey, locally on the shoot logistics. No small task, as some of them are very large and heavy.

Photographic Brief

It was decided that three different types of images would be required for the new website. Hero shots, making the most of the shapes, lighting and features. Range shots showing the whole product at a consistent angle. Stacks to show possible configurations for different events and venues.
The products were to be arriving at different times over around two months in total. They ranged in size from small to very large. They also ranged in the finish, from the standard black venue range to the complex shaped high-end systems in glossy colours.

Hero Shots

Some of the speakers were extremely challenging to photograph, as they were highly reflective and curved. The use of large softboxes, softening panels and reflectors, enabled showing these dynamic products in all their glory.
Here are some examples of the hero shots. Click to view;

Range Images

Void's range varies massively in size, from small ceiling speakers to massive floor-standing subs and horns, for large venues and festivals. As they were all going to be used on the same website and turning up at different times, trying to get consistency was important. I was briefed that all range images were to be supplied square on black backgrounds.
Here are some examples of the range images. Click to view;

Speaker Stacks

Shooting these stack images was difficult. Due to the sheer size of the stacks. My studio has a 15ft wide and 12ft high infinity scoop, but even this wasn't large enough. So I ended up shooting in sections and retouching the stacks together afterwards.
Here are some examples of the speaker stack images. Click to view;


After each day of shooting, I spent the following retouching & cutting out the previous days work. Once completed, I would make available a web gallery of the images and check any direction for the next shoot. After that, I arranged to make the final images available to the designers as the shoots progressed.

New website launched

In conclusion, after much hard work, the new mobile-friendly website was launched. I was glad to see that the designers involved had done such a good job. You can check out the new site, featuring loads of my photography on this link;
Mark worked with our team to produce an extensive, creative portfolio for our website. He repeatedly demonstrated an exceptional eye for detail and delivered stunning results under uniquely challenging circumstances. We had a substantial amount of imagery requirements to fulfil for this project, which Mark was not only able to meet, but go beyond our expectations. Wholly understanding our vision for the brand from day one, to deliver an exquisite end-product.Amy Harvey - Marketing Manager